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  • Genre: ActionAdventureScience-Fiction
  • Rating: 7.2
  • Status: Ended
In the year 1987, Air Force captain William "Buck" Rogers tests the Ranger 3 spacecraft. His flight was to last only 5 months, but a meteor storm damages his life-support systems, freezing him solid, and casts Ranger 3 into an orbit which returns it to Earth--over 500 years later. Soon after Buck departs, Earth is devastated by a nuclear war caused by a renegade group of U.S. military officers. In 2491, Buck, who has survived due to the freezing, is revived and tries to adjust to life on 25th-century post-nuclear Earth. In the second season, Buck joins the crew of the Searcher, a starship dispatched to locate former Earth colonies in deep space.
Airs: Thursday - 20:00
Actors: Gil Gerard, Erin Gray, Felix Silla, Pamela Hensley, Wilfrid Hyde-White, William Conrad, Eric Server, Tim O'Connor, Jay Garner, Jeff David, Thom Christopher, Mel Blanc
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