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Episode Name: McChrystal/The Liquidator/A Living for the Dead
Episode Overview: McCHRYSTAL - As the news from Afghanistan moves to the front pages of Americans' newspapers, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, tasked with turning things around there, tells 60 MINUTES that the spread of the violence in Afghanistan was more than he expected. David Martin reports. Mary Walsh is the producer. THE LIQUIDATOR - The man in charge of recovering assets from Ponzi scheme king Bernard Madoff says there is about 18 billion still out there that he hopes to recover for victims of the scam. But it won't be easy. Morley Safer reports. Deirdre Naphin and Katy Textor are the producers. A LIVING FOR THE DEAD - Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Elvis are dead and now, so is Michael Jackson. But as Steve Kroft reports, they are very much alive when it comes to earning money for their estates. Frank Devine is the producer.
Episode Number: 1
Episode Season: 42
Episode First Aired: 2009-09-27