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Episode Name: The Swindler/130 Million Tons of Waste/The Great Migration
Episode Overview: THE SWINDLER - To understand how Bernard Madoff could have done what he did, listen to so-called "mini-Madoff" Ponzi schemer Marc Dreier tell Steve Kroft in his first television interview how he scammed $400 million. Ira Rosen is the producer. 130 MILLION TONS OF WASTE - If coal ash is safe to spread under a golf course or be used in carpets, why are the residents of Kingston, Tenn., being told to stay out of a river where the material was spilled last December? Lesley Stahl reports. Shachar Bar-On is the producer. THE GREAT MIGRATION - Scott Pelley visits Kenya, the site of the great wildebeest migration, and looks at the threats to this natural spectacle comprised of over a million animals. Henry Schuster and Rebecca Peterson are the producers.
Episode Number: 2
Episode Season: 42
Episode First Aired: 2009-10-04