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Episode Name: California Water Drought/Oust al Qaeda/The Birdmen
Episode Overview: RUNNING DRY - A three-year drought in California is bringing a decades-long fight over water to a head, forcing tough choices. Lesley Stahl reports. OUT OF THE SHADOWS - Henry Crumpton, the ex-CIA operative who secretly ran the war against terror in Afghanistan after 9/11, describes using local might to oust al Qaeda and their Taliban hosts - a strategy he says is needed in Pakistan now, where terrorist leaders are hiding. Lara Logan reports. BIRDMEN - In the latest craze that has killed several extreme sports enthusiasts, men don wing-suits, jump off mountaintops and glide down at speeds approaching 140 miles per hour. Steve Kroft reports.
Episode Number: 14
Episode Season: 42
Episode First Aired: 2009-12-27