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Episode Name: Chief of Staff/The Lost Children of Haiti/Tennis Twins
Episode Overview: CHIEF OF STAFF - The man in the middle of all things presidential - especially the health care reform legislation in Congress right now - is President Obama's Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. Katie Couric talks to Obama's right-hand man about his tough job and his even tougher reputation. Draggan Mihailovich and Jennifer Yuille are the producers. THE LOST CHILDREN OF HAITI - Scott Pelley reports on the most vulnerable victims of Haiti's earthquake, children who not only face hunger, disease and sexual assault, but a form of slavery that is legal in the Caribbean country. Solly Granatstein and Nicole Young are the producers. TENNIS TWINS - Pro tennis' leading doubles champions are identical twins who are so coordinated on the court that their opponents actually suspect they have twin telepathy. Lesley Stahl reports. Shachar Bar-On is the producer.
Episode Number: 23
Episode Season: 42
Episode First Aired: 2010-03-21