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Episode Name: Who Owns Your Genes?; Death Sentences Survived; Smokeless Cigarettes
Episode Overview: Smokeless Cigarettes Morley Safer with Lori Andrews, professor of law who insists your genes are yours alone. Another lawyer who happens to be a molecular biologist insists that biotech gene patents are just beginning. Big companies profiting from the genetics of others? That's just one layer of 'wrong' explored in this story along with reasons why this might be the future in a good way. In our next story, Ugandan's given death sentences due to rampant HIV and AIDS in a country where the vast majority of people couldn't afford or gain access to necessary medications are now finding hope. Bob Simon reports on the American program helping to alter tragic outcomes. Also tonight, Leslie Stahl in a hard look at how tobacco companies are trying to stay afloat as more and more people wise up and quit while fewer start smoking to begin with. Are the new smokeless products safer alternatives or just another way to deliver new addicts to the companies that count on new customers replacing those lost to death and disease.
Episode Number: 25
Episode Season: 42
Episode First Aired: 2010-04-04