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Episode Name: Gotti Family Member; Meet the New Missing Link
Episode Overview: In our first story, a double-length report, Steve Kroft with John Gotti, Jr., son of big time, well known mobster, John Gotti. Known as "Dapper Don" as well as other appropriate names, his son strived for his approval by following in his footsteps. Now, with Gotti Sr. in prison, his son sits with Steve Kroft and exposes some of the secret dynamics of the Mafioso. Also tonight, a 60 Minutes exclusive with the two people in South Africa who made what could be the biggest archeological discovery to date. A new link in human evolution, found by Lee Berger and his son Matthew, this is the most complete set of remains found. Bob Simon reports. And let's not forget Andy Rooney tonight, on time.
Episode Number: 26
Episode Season: 42
Episode First Aired: 2010-04-11