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Episode Name: The 99ers/Jane Goodall/Top Gear
Episode Overview: THE 99ERS - Even after an extension of unemployment benefits to 99 weeks, many of those without work are still jobless and in a quandary. Scott Pelley talks to some of them in California's Silicon Valley. Robert Anderson, Daniel Ruetenik and Nicole Young are the producers. JANE GOODALL - Jane Goodall brings Lara Logan and 60 MINUTES cameras back to the forests of Tanzania, where she began her love affair with chimpanzees 50 years ago, to remind the public that chimps are endangered. Max McClellan is the producer. TOP GEAR - A quirky British television show about cars has become a hit almost everywhere but the U.S. Steve Kroft reports on "Top Gear," whose witty humor, outrageous speed, destructive vehicle stunts and car reviews attract an estimated weekly worldwide audience of 350 million according to the BBC. Graham Messick and Michael Karzis are the producers.
Episode Number: 5
Episode Season: 43
Episode First Aired: 2010-10-24