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Episode Name: Death of a General; The Orphanage; Michelle Wie
Episode Overview: Scott Pelley interviews the serviceman who has been convicted in the killing of an Iraqi general being tortured. The soldier continues to insist he was not just authorized, but instructed. Bob Simon travels to Africa to take an inside look at a unique orphanage, for elephants. When heartless poachers slaughter adult elephants and even rhinos, for their tusks and horns, the babies have little chance for survival beyond a couple of days. This orphanage provides ‘round the clock care that saves many of their lives, and pursues the poachers. Finally, an interview with Michelle Wie. She’s just 16, but the highest paid female golfer on earth! Steve Kroft reports.
Episode Number: 28
Episode Season: 38
Episode First Aired: 2006-04-09