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Episode Name: Lethal and Leaking; Priory of Sion; Colbert Report
Episode Overview: In Hanford, Washington, the Department of Energy has spent more than 16 years trying to clean up an area along the Columbia River, without much success. Lesley Stahl reports on what is being called ‘the most contaminated piece of real estate’. “The Da Vinci Code” hasn’t even premiered yet, but the media has gone wild for anything remotely associated with the subjects covered in it. Tonight, Ed Bradley delves into the “Priory of Sion” and asks the question, ‘is it just an elaborate hoax?’ Finally, in the Colbert Report, Morley Safer explores the notoriety that Stephen Colbert’s mock news reports is causing.
Episode Number: 31
Episode Season: 38
Episode First Aired: 2006-04-30