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Episode Name: Sallie Mae; The Ethanol Solution; John Daly: Golf and Beer
Episode Overview: Government backed loans for college students has become the launching pad for Sallie Mae Corp skyrocketing stocks in the last 10 years. Lesley Stahl examines why shareholders may be causing students to drown in debt. The answer to our dependence on foreign oil, or oil at all, may be right under our noses in the massive corn fields of America. Dan Rather investigates just how simple this solution might be and why is it taking so long? Morley Safer has an interesting and rather lighthearted interview with John Daly, the professional golfer who lives in the fast lane of his golf cart. His sage wisdom at the age of 40 is to stay away from whiskey and pills, but bring on the beer and the bogeys.
Episode Number: 32
Episode Season: 38
Episode First Aired: 2006-05-07