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Episode Name: Dying To Get In; A Different Kind Of Grocery Store; Carl Kiaasen's Miami Herald Columns
Episode Overview: In; A Different Kind Of Grocery Store; Carl Hiaasen’s Miami Herald columns. With all the increased efforts to secure the borders from Mexican immigrants, more of them are trying to find different ways to make it across. Hundreds are dying in the desert. Ed Bradley reports on the tragic loss of life in a desperate attempt to find a new life. Dan Rather talks with John Mackey, the founder of Whole Food Markets, now a chain of more than 180 stores providing organic food at higher prices. In today’s tight economy, few believed the idea would work, but it has. Quite well as a matter of fact. Steve Kroft interviews Carl Hiaasen, a Miami Herald columnist who has focused his stories on the unusual community in South Florida, from criminals to eccentrics.
Episode Number: 36
Episode Season: 38
Episode First Aired: 2006-06-04