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Episode Name: State of Denial; Area 25; Bum Hunting
Episode Overview: October 01, 2006 State of Denial; Area 25; Bum Hunting Bob Woodward sits down with Mike Wallace tonight and exposes the truth behind the Iraq war. Why would our president be hiding the facts behind the violence and attacks on U.S. troops? Area 25 may sound like a new UFO site, but it’s a much more significant site deep in our own brains. Lesley Stahl reports on how the newest medicine and discovery of area 25 may end clinical depression. Bum Hunting is the latest, real life trend that mostly teen boys engage in. Ed Bradley investigates how and why such inhumanity is encouraged by irresponsible behavior on the part of commercial enterprises.
Episode Number: 2
Episode Season: 39
Episode First Aired: 2006-10-01