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Episode Name: A Fighting Chance; Explosion at Texas City; Big Man On Campus
Episode Overview: A FIGHTING CHANCE – As casualties rise in Iraq, so do the chances of surviving for today’s wounded soldiers, even those with catastrophic injuries. Those wounded on the battlefield are surviving at historically high rates thanks to new technology and the old-fashioned courage of combat medics and surgeons. Scott Pelley reports. Solly Granatstein is the producer. EXPLOSION AT TEXAS CITY – Internal BP documents examined by 60 Minutes confirm that top executives of the oil company were aware of safety issues that led to the worst American workplace accident in 16 years which killed 15 and injured at least 170. Ed Bradley reports. David Gelber and Joel Bach are the producers. BIG MAN ON CAMPUS – Steve Kroft profiles Notre Dame's head football coach, Charlie Weis, whose expletive-laced tirades seem to be putting the fight back into the Fighting Irish. Ira Rosen is the producer.
Episode Number: 6
Episode Season: 39
Episode First Aired: 2006-10-29