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Episode Name: Exposing The Truth; the Phantom of Corleone; A New Kind of Fight
Episode Overview: Abu Ghraib was exposed when Joe Darby reported fellow soldiers for the horrific abuse. Anderson Cooper reports on how Darby continues to suffer threats, along with his family. The Phantom of Corleone was on the run for decades. Bernardo Provenzano, head of the Sicilian Mafia, finally caught! Steve Kroft reports on why this hasn’t seemed to change business as usual. A New Kind of Fight takes a look at mixed martial arts, once shunned by society as barbaric, extraordinarily vicious fighting. Now, a fast growing sport, Scott Pelley examines the changes in rules and increasing popularity. Andy Rooney On The Stuff People Send Him.
Episode Number: 12
Episode Season: 39
Episode First Aired: 2006-12-10