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Episode Name: The New Tax Havens/One Child At A Time/Coach Hurley
Episode Overview: The New Tax Havens - American companies are finding new overseas tax havens to legally protect some of their profits from the U.S. tax rate of 35 percent, among the highest in the world. Lesley Stahl reports. Shachar Bar-On is the producer. One Child At A Time - Wars can literally shatter children's lives and Elissa Montanti is on a mission to make some of them whole again through a network of volunteers. Scott Pelley follows the progress of one of them, a badly maimed Iraqi boy. Tanya Simon and Catherine Herrick are the producers. Coach Hurley - Tiny Catholic high school St. Anthony in Jersey City, N.J., doesn't even have its own gym, but it has Coach Bob Hurley, who has taken the team - now ranked number-one in the nation - to 24 state championships. Steve Kroft reports. Peter Radovich is the producer.
Episode Number: 26
Episode Season: 43
Episode First Aired: 2011-03-27