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Episode Name: Mount Athos/The Billionaire
Episode Overview: Mount Athos - Bob Simon steps back in time when he gets rare access to monks in ancient monasteries on a remote Greek peninsula who have lived a Spartan life of prayer in a tradition virtually unchanged for a thousand years. Cameras capture the monastic life, including chanting, prayers, rituals, and the priceless relics and icons from the Byzantine Empire stored on "The Holy Mountain," Mt. Athos. Harry Radliffe and Michael Karzis are the producers. (This is a double-length segment.) The Billionaire - Eli Broad sets the standard for philanthropy. He's given away over $2 billion and plans on leaving even more to charity before he dies. But along with the billionaire's name that most projects he funds must take, his advice and oftentimes his control are usually part of the deal. Morley Safer reports. Ruth Streeter is the producer.
Episode Number: 30
Episode Season: 43
Episode First Aired: 2011-04-24