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Episode Name: The new tax havens/Top Gear/Albert Pujols
Episode Overview: The new tax havens - American companies are finding new overseas tax havens to legally protect some of their profits from the U.S. tax rate of 35 percent - among the highest in the world. Top Gear - A quirky British television show about cars has become a hit almost everywhere but the U.S. Steve Kroft reports on "Top Gear," whose witty humor, outrageous speed, destructive vehicle stunts and car reviews attract an estimated weekly worldwide audience of 350 million according to the BBC. Albert Pujols - His big bat has made the St. Louis Cardinals' slugger one of the top 10 players in baseball history. But to people with Down syndrome and the poor of his native Dominican Republic who he helps, he means a lot more than home runs and RBI.
Episode Number: 47
Episode Season: 43
Episode First Aired: 2011-08-14