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Episode Name: Going to Extremes
Episode Overview: From October 11, 2009: The Birdmen (Steve Kroft) - Steve Kroft reports on the latest extreme adventurer craze: men donning wing suits and jumping off mountain tops to glide at speeds of 140 miles per hour. From October 02, 2011: Alone on the Wall (Lara Logan) - Lara Logan profiles free-soloing rock climber Alex Honnold, the subject of the movie Alone on the Wall. From March 28, 2010: The Sharkman (Anderson Cooper) - Anderson Cooper with Mike Rutzen in Cape Town, South Africa. Rutzen, also known as "The Sharkman", swims with the most feared predators in the ocean and takes Anderson with him.
Episode Number: 23
Episode Season: 44
Episode First Aired: 2012-02-26