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Episode Name: An Imperfect Union, The Sport of Kings, Joy in the Congo
Episode Overview: An Imperfect Union - Steve Kroft reports on the debt crisis in Europe, where weaker members of the European Union struggle to pay debt and try to avoid a financial crisis in the Eurozone that could spread to the U.S. The Sport of Kings - Polo is one of the oldest organized sports in the world and its leading star, Ignacio "Nacho" Figueras, plays it with a style befitting his other role as the face of Ralph Lauren's iconic fashion brand, Polo. Joy in the Congo -The Congo's Kimbanguist Symphony Orchestra grew from one man's dream to 200 musicians and vocalists providing joy to the poor, bleak capital of Kinshasa. It's now the only symphony orchestra in Central Africa and the only all-black one in the world.
Episode Number: 29
Episode Season: 44
Episode First Aired: 2012-04-08