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60 Minutes

Episode Name: Attack in Algeria; 40 Million Mistakes; Lincoln
Episode Overview: Mark Cobb, Steve Wysocki and Nick Frazier, three of the five Americans who survived the al Qaeda attack on an Algerian natural gas facility that resulted in the deaths of 37 foreign workers, recount their ordeals for the first time to Charlie Rose. Howard L. Rosenberg and Julie Holstein are the producers. A Steve Kroft investigation looks into the accuracy of the credit reports that American consumers rely on for credit cards and loans. James Jacoby and Michael Karzis are the producers. 60 Minutes explores the character of Lincoln, the president and the man, as seen through the eyes of the team that made the 12-time Oscar nominated film "Lincoln": best director nominee Steven Spielberg, best actor nominee Daniel Day Lewis and the historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, on whose book the movie was based. Lesley Stahl reports. Ruth Streeter is the producer.
Episode Number: 18
Episode Season: 45
Episode First Aired: 2013-02-10