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Episode Name: Wall Street's Shadow Market, Kill bin Laden, 0 to 60 on a battery?
Episode Overview: In tonight's first story, Steve Kroft with the details you might not have heard about the unraveling of the economy. What are 'credit default swaps' and how did they play a role in the downward spiral? The complex degradation of our economy is explained. Scott Pelley re-visits the first weeks after 9/11 when the appropriate focus was on the instigator of the massive, tragic terrorist attacks, bin Laden. A former Delta Force Officer recounts the secret missions in the Tora Bora Mountains near Pakistan and never before seen video will shed new light on what really was (and is) going on. Finally, Lesley Stahl with a story from Silicon Valley in California. While cars running on batteries isn't really news, one that can go from 0 to 60 in four seconds is the stuff fantasy is made of. The newest cars are being developed to run on Lithium-ion batteries, just like the one in your laptop. We're not that far away. All this and Andy Rooney's financial advice tonight on 60 Minutes.
Episode Number: 2
Episode Season: 41
Episode First Aired: 2008-10-05