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60 Minutes

Episode Name: Welcome Home, you're fired, Fake Cop, Bionic People
Episode Overview: Tonight, an atrocity exposed when Lesley Stahl investigates thousands of reservists and guardsmen returning home from duty to find their jobs gone. Some blatantly fired for "being gone too long" and others victims of downsizing while they were Iraq or Afghanistan. A small Missouri town's newest Sheriff, Sgt Bill Jakob, was cleaning up the streets like no one else. Arresting drug dealers and other criminals, the mayor thought he was the best thing that happened to his town. Unfortunately, he wasn't really a cop at all. Finally, Scott Pelley reports on how the future is now. Technology connected directly to the human brain, enabling communication with people otherwise trapped in a paralyzed body. What's next is even more remarkable.
Episode Number: 6
Episode Season: 41
Episode First Aired: 2008-11-02