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Episode Name: Bionic Veterans; Guns for Sale; Steve Wynn's Win
Episode Overview: Scott Pelley gets some incredible insight as to the advances made in prosthetic limbs. Fred Downs, head of prosthetics for the Veterans Administration, demonstrates the almost "sci fi" type limbs now being used to change lives. In our second story, Lesley Stahl explores the reasons behind an increase in gun sales and why at least one advocacy group is encouraging Americans to be armed. Finally, a look at the glitz and glitter of casino gaming as seen through the eyes of one of the most innovative and successful moguls, Steve Wynn. He is interviewed by Charlie Rose who also discusses the eye disease that may soon take the sight of this visionary. And tonight, what's the problem with Andy Rooney.
Episode Number: 27
Episode Season: 41
Episode First Aired: 2009-04-12