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Episode Name: Delayed Retirement; Cold Fusion; Ole'!
Episode Overview: With many people's 401(k) retirement investments surprisingly drained, not everyone is in the position to wait the predicted 10 plus years for recovery. What are they doing when retirement was planned in the next couple years? Steve Kroft reports on the hardships not publicized when retirement funds all but disappear. In our second story, Scott Pelley with a look at how a new energy source may be an old idea. Cold fusion has been considered 'junk science' since first hailed as possible in the late 80's, but now former skeptics are considering it. Finally, Bob Simon revisits the Spanish bullfighting family of Cayetano and Francisco Ordonez. The update shows how the story takes a bad turn.
Episode Number: 28
Episode Season: 41
Episode First Aired: 2009-04-19