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Episode Name: Alan Greenspan/Swimming with Sharks
Episode Overview: Alan Greenspan; Swimming with Sharks Alan Greenspan is featured in this double length segment with Lesley Stahl exploring how he could lead the economy out of the 9/11 aftermath, but why he didn’t even seem to try to curb the subprime lending abuses crushing today’s economy? In this interview, Stahl also taps into the more personal side of Greenspan. His marriage to a television news correspondent and his tour with a band playing saxophone. In the Swimming with Sharks segment, Bob Simon explores the controversial tourist attraction of entering a cage then dropped into the ocean while sharks are attracted, sometimes with chum (fish bait to spur a feeding frenzy). Is this teaching the sharks that humans are to be associated with food ?
Episode Number: 49
Episode Season: 39
Episode First Aired: 2007-09-16