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Episode Name: Buy American, Sergeant Bill, Wine RX
Episode Overview: BUY AMERICAN - The economic stimulus package includes a "buy American" clause that the steel and other U.S. industries lobbied hard for. However, American businesses that export overseas now fear foreign governments will retaliate and keep U.S. products out of their market, hurting their business. Lesley Stahl reports. Shachar Bar-On is the producer. SERGEANT BILL - Waving a badge he bought on the Internet and claiming to belong to the "Multi-jurisdictional Narcotics Task Force," Bill Jakob fooled a small town's officials into granting him the authority of a law enforcement officer. Katie Couric reports. Kyra Darnton is the producer. WINE RX - Scientists have found a substance called resveratrol in red wine that slows down the aging process in mice. Will it someday lengthen the lives of humans, too? Morley Safer reports. Deirdre Naphin and Katy Textor are the producers.
Episode Number: 33
Episode Season: 41
Episode First Aired: 2009-05-24